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An old favourite. Chocolate mud cake layered with hazelnut & caramel infuse choc mousse. Finished with caramel hazelnut pieces.
Moist choc sponge layered with mousse, cherries and liqueur, finished with chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries.
Our famous carrot cake is full of pineapple, walnuts and coconut topped with cream cheese frosting.
- Ribbon Only
- Ribbon with Glazed Strawberries
Moist and yummy what more can we say!
Moist choc mud cake topped with rich chocolate ganache and ribbons of chocolate.
Our fudge cake recipe with our creamy white mousse filling. Classic!
Traditional banana, pineapple and spice finished with cream cheese icing and walnuts.
Velvety Orange and Almond cake topped with toasted Almond flakes and oranges.
Classic moist peach teacake topped with lashings of raspberries and peaches.
Traditional red velvet cake layered and topped with cream cheese icing.

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